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Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons
  • Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons
  • Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons

Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons

18 Tampons 
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Feel safe with Tampax, and an easy to use, smooth, plastic applicator.

Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons help stop leaks before they happen for light to medium flow days during your period. These tampons feature a SmoothTouch plastic applicator and contoured anti-slip grip for comfortable, easy insertion. The wrapper is made of tough stuff to survive the bottom of your handbag, and is designed to open quietly and discreetly.

How to use Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons:

  • Wash your hands and unwrap a fresh tampon. Stand or sit in a comfortable position: some women find it easiest to crouch down with knees apart or to stand with one foot on the toilet seat or bath. Hold the applicator (where the ridges are on the tube) with the thumb and middle finger of one hand.
  • With the other hand spread the folds of skin around the vaginal opening. Place the tip of the outer tube of the tampon applicator (not the end with the cord hanging out) in the opening of your vagina.
  • The vagina slants upwards towards your back. So, gently slide the applicator in an upwards and backwards direction. (It sometimes helps to slightly rotate or twist the applicator from side to side). Stop pushing when your thumb and finger tough your body.
  • Still holding the applicator on the ridges, push the bottom of the small tube completely up inside the big tube. This slides the tampon out of the applicator and into your vagina.
  • Hold tightly onto the two tubes that are now one inside the other. Gently take out both applicator tubes together. (Wrap them in tissue and put them in a bin. The cardboard tubes can also be flushed away.) You'll see that the cord of the tampon is now hanging down outside your body.

Caution when using Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons:

  • Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). It is rare, but a serious illness that may cause death. 
  • Read and save the enclosed information within this pack about TSS and the use of tampons.


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Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons
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