Nivea Skin Care 

Nivea is a leading global skincare brand with more than 130 years of experience. Since its humble beginnings over a century ago, Nivea's skincare products can be found in almost every home. From their everyday lotions and moisturisers to more specialist products that are designed to help minor, chronic skin conditions, check out our exciting collection of Nivea products today. 

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About Nivea

With over 130 years in the service of enriching your life, Nivea is still at it today!


Since the creation of the first revolutionary Eucerit emulsion, that became the basis for the original Nivea cream and is still popular the world over, till today’s diversified beauty care products, Nivea consistently delivers quality products that help you care for your health and body. With innovative research and development, Nivea continues to provide products you can count on to fulfil your skin needs.


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Although Nivea began with just one cream, it now boasts a range of products from Bath and Shower Care, Nivea Body Care, Face Care & Lip Care, Men's Care, a range of Deodorants, Gift Sets and the new Suncare range, all created with the same quality and long-lasting care that the original cream provided.


Nivea's Skin Care is reliable and effective

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