The next generation of formula milk from HiPP

HiPP Organic began in 1956 when Georg Hipp converted the family farm into one of the first organic farms in Europe. While others were moving into intensive farming, Georg stuck to his beliefs. He wanted to create the very best food for babies, made carefully from only the finest, organic ingredients. Good, tasty food that would help them to grow and develop healthily and happily.

HiPP have pioneered the natural benefits of organic ingredients for more than 50 years.

HiPP formulas come in a variety of stages, to ensure that your baby gets the right nutrients for each stage of growth of development. First Infant Milk, Hungry Infant Milk, Follow On Milk and Growing Up Milk are all specially tailored for your child as they grow happily and healthily.

Organic milk that is there for your baby every step of the way

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