Curaprox Oral Health

Curaprox is a Swiss manufacturer of interdental brushes, anti-bacterial mouth rinses and toothbrushes. The patented interdental brushes come in a variety of sizes and fit on a wide range of handles, ensuring ease of use and effective interdental cleaning. The Curaprox chlorhexidine mouthwash is active against bacteria and infections without staining teeth.

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Clean teeth and healthy gums lead to happy people

Curaprox oral health products are regarded to be of superior quality and effective cleaners, helping to maintain the highest quality of oral health. In fact, Curaprox invented the first interdental brushes, and now has had over 30 years experience of designing the best interdental brushes in the market.

Curaprox products are effective against plaque and cavity build ups.

The Curaprox brushes and handles are interchangeable to make it easier for you to use. Curaprox has products like Curaprox Brush Handles, Curaprox Interdental Brushes, and Curaprox Mouthwash. You can find the quality Curaprox products at Chemist Direct.

Curaprox is a brand you can trust your oral health to.

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