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Curasept Mouthrinse 0.2%

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Curaprox Curasept Mouthwash is for short term intensive use and contains 0.20% chlorhexidine. It offers strong anti-bacterial and plaque inhibiting action and helps to reduce gum disease and tooth decay.

Curaprox Curasept Mouthwash is a chlorhexidine mouthwash without any of the known side effects of traditional Chlorhexidine mouthwashes. The Curasept ADS range minimises staining with its clinically proven special Anti-Discolouration System.

  • Your sense of taste is unaffected
  • Your teeth and tongue will not be discoloured
  • No painful irritation of the oral mucosa
  • Chlorhexidine is used in dental medicine to inhibit the growth of bacteria. It has a long term effect: Bacterial plaque is kept at bay for eight to ten hours.

Why use Curasept Mouthwash?

Chlorhexidine is active against various bacteria, viruses, bacterial spores and fungi. It kills the micro-organisms associated with various mouth and throat infections, and other common conditions in the mouth. Chlorhexidine has also been shown to prevent the formation and build-up of plaque on teeth, which helps prevent inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). It can therefore be used as an aid to oral hygiene.

Normal Side-effects of Chlorhexidine

In the long term, traditional Chlorhexidine applications lead to painful irritation of the oral mucosa, to changes in the sense of taste and to heavy brown discolouration of the tongue and the teeth.

Why Curaprox Curasept Mouth is different

The use of Curasept Mouthwash reduces all these side-effects to an almost imperceptible level. Thanks to Curasept anti discolouration system, there is usually no need for any time-consuming follow-up treatment to remove tooth discolouration.

Curaprox Curasept Mouthwash:

To be used 1-2 times daily over 2-4 weeks

Curasept Mouthrinse 0.2%
4 stars

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Curasept Mouthrinse 0.2%
4.7 stars

I first heard about this product through my mums dentist. Since childhood I have suffered with mouth ulcers, one little cut in my mouth become s a nasty ulcer. Before Curasept, I had tried Peroxl and various other medicated mouth washes etc. The best one I was using was Corsodyl. For those who have not tried it, I found it burned my mouth and left it feeling like I had stripped a layer from my mouth, and had a nasty side affect that stained my teeth horribly! But it did work on the ulcers...Curasept, is a wonderful product, not only does it work on my ulcers it seems to help prevent them with regular use. I have not had an ulcer in over a year and that is bliss in itself. Another benefit to using Curasept is that is not only doesnt stain my teeth it actually has a built in anti stain technology that even my dentist has commented on the difference since I have been using it. My teeth look and feel a lot better and no ulcers on top!The only negative I can give you about this product is that it does leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth for a while after using it, but nothing major...I cannot recommend this product highly enough for anyone suffering with mouth/gum infections and ulcers etc.

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