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Calpol is a popular and trusted pain relief medication for babies, infants and children up to 12 years old. The calpol range contains paracetamol. The Calprofen range contains ibuprofen. The easy to swallow sugar free suspension and fastmelts provides pain relief from colds, fever, headaches and teething. The vapor plug helps to clear a blocked nose, making sleep easier.

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Calpol, Immediate pain relief for babies and infants, available at Chemist Direct

Children get ill; but this can happen as early as 3 months old, at which point it is pretty much a complete guessing game to determine what’s wrong. It’s not until they are at least 2 years old that they can finally tell you where “it hurts”. More often than not, teething pains are most prominent at this age and fevers that go alongside them. Calpol is the perfect way to soothe children’s pains, coughs and fevers and can be used starting from 2 months +, meaning that Calpol is there for every stage of your child’s young life, from infants to 6 years +.

The Calpol Infant Range

When your little one needs more than just a kiss to help them feel better, Calpol is here to help with their trusted range of soothing treatments that all feature their great one-of-a-kind taste! For over 40 years, parents have turned to Calpol medicines to help ease their children's aches and pains and now they have even more ways to help, including new Calcough Cough Remedy and Calpol Soothe and Care to help your little patients get back to their normal selves. Calpol suspensions, suspension sachets and fast melts all contain the active ingredients paracetamol or ibuprofen, which are simple painkilling medicines that are used to relieve mild to moderate pain and fever.

Calpol – Pain relieving treatment for children

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