What are the benefits of taking ZMA?


This particular sports performance supplement has taken over the athletic world as it is clinically proven to significantly increase anabolic hormone levels and muscle strength. This precise combination of zinc and magnesium aspartate with added vitamin B6 has created a powerful supplement that is even popular with world-class athletes who have reported of its amazing benefits to their health and fitness.


How does ZMA affect your hormone effects & muscle strength?

The most famous study taken out using ZMA looked into the enhancement of hormonal profiles and an increase in muscle strength in 12 NCAA Division II football players. The study was carried out at Western Washington University and gave the 12 players ZMA nightly throughout an 8-week spring training programme, while a separate group were given placebos. The athletes taking the ZMA noticed a 2.5x greater muscle strength gain when compared to the placebo group. The ZMA group also noticed a 30% increase in testosterone levels.


Can you reduce catabolism with ZMA?

During workouts and intense exercise, the body and muscles undergo a process called catabolism where they get broken down in order to release energy. Unfortunately, the process is necessary, however, the shorter the catabolism phase, the quicker anabolism can set in, which is the phase where the muscles repair themselves. Anabolism, therefore, helps you to increase your strength. ZMA works to reduce the catabolism phase so that your muscles are prevented from breaking down and the anabolic phase can kick in a lot quicker, helping you to strengthen your muscles at a faster pace.


How can you improve your immune system with ZMA?

It is well known that zinc is a recommended supplement for boosting your immunity and studies have shown that zinc deficiencies can lengthen the duration of colds and the flu, cause muscle wasting and lower your appetite. It is important for athletes to keep up the strength of their immune system as they are often more vulnerable to illnesses and infections. Maintaining healthy immunity and keeping illness at bay will enable you to continue your regular workouts and training in order to enhance your strength.