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Raspberry ketone & weight loss


Raspberry ketone has most definitely stolen the weight loss limelight as the UK's favourite slimming aid of 2013. It stormed past acai berry, African mango and goji berry on its rise to fame and is now placed firmly at the top of the list of natural weight loss products. This popular fruit extract is able to dramatically reduce appetite, control hunger and boost metabolism. It is a natural thermogenic, meaning that has the ability to raise body temperature and boost the metabolic rate, resulting in excess calories being converted into heat and being released by the body as thermal energy, instead of being stored as fat.


Raspberry ketone and metabolism:


The main way that raspberry ketone works to help us lose weight is its effect on our metabolism, which then affects our appetite and hunger in order to help us to stop snacking and eating unnecessary foods. It is ideal for curbing your hunger throughout the day and gives you a little helping hand in speeding up your weight loss. When taken at the right dosage, raspberry ketone increases the rate at which you use your existing fat stores as a source of energy.


It encourages the release of fat from fat stores in your body and assists the breakdown of fat molecules by boosting the production of the protein hormone Adiponectin and releasing energy in the form of heat. This hormone also prevents you from accumulating and absorbing fats, resulting in you losing weight efficiently and by using energy that is stored in the fats you already have.


Raspberry ketone makes your hard work, work harder:


There is a common misconception with raspberry ketone supplements as people believe that this wonder compound will do all of the hard work of weight loss for you. But the best weight loss results have been noticed when raspberry ketone supplements are incorporated within a healthier lifestyle. All too often, people assume that there is a magic secret to effortless weight loss; however, diets and exercise play a huge role in the loss and control of weight. Raspberry ketone can provide a new and exciting approach to dieting that will enhance your weight loss and help you to lose quickly and more effectively with the right diet and exercise.