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Chromium: blood sugar & weight loss

The trace mineral chromium is best known for one major role in the body, which is helping to control blood sugar levels by working together with insulin. There is a signal molecule involved in blood sugar control called Low Molecular Weight Chromium Binding Substance (LMWCr), which is a tiny molecule that is built from just a few amino acids. This LMWCr molecule binds next to the place where insulin, the key hormone that controls blood sugar, interacts with the outside of a cell. Its role is to therefore increase the strength of the signal that insulin sends in order to help drive blood sugar into cells more quickly after a meal.

While this may sound quite complicated, it is basic to the world of nutrition in terms of controlling blood sugar. So, to put it simply, chromium helps insulin to carry sugar into muscle cells where it is then stored as energy. With such a major role in blood sugar levels, a lack of chromium could therefore cause fluctuating blood sugar that result in triggering of sugar cravings. Studies have therefore shown that chromium could help you lose fat while lowering blood sugar. Once sugar cravings are reduced, it could help to lose weight more effectively.

Blood sugar can have an effect on our weight control because it can affect how hungry and energetic we feel, which are obviously both important factors when we're trying to lose weight and exercise. It can also determine whether we burn fat or store it, which will obviously affect our weight loss. Regulating blood sugar is one of the most effective ways to maintain your fat-burning capacity. This is why skipping meals or crash dieting is not an ideal way to lose weight, because it will only slow your metabolism in order to preserve energy. Eating frequently and adding chromium is the best way to prevent hunger pangs and food binges that may follow as it will provide a consistent energy supply and maintain your metabolism efficiency.

Even though we only need a small amount of chromium to have a positive impact on our blood sugar levels, some people may find they're not gaining enough from their food intake. Despite the fact that chromium can be found in all food groups, some diets may be restricting and many people may be missing important chromium-rich foods. This is why chromium supplements have become increasingly popular for aiding weight loss.