The benefits of L-Glutamine

Glutamine is a vital amino acid that is essential to our body's chemistry. It is required by every single muscle in the body and is an essential building block in forming proteins that maintain cellular health and tissue repair. Glutamine is a highly beneficial supplement that plays a role in a variety of aspects to our health. While it is well-known in the bodybuilding and athletic world for promoting strength, stamina and recovery, it also has many other uses.

1. Muscle repair: Glutamine is best known for its ability to repair and regenerate muscles. While bodybuilders, athletes and gym-goers spend a lot of time working on lean, strong muscles, they partially destroy them in the process. Those continually straining their muscles with workouts and exercise will benefit from glutamine as it reduces the breakdown of muscle to result in a decrease in muscle cramp and muscular pains.

2. Increase in hormone levels: Glutamine encourages growth hormone levels, which is particularly important to those looking to increase muscle volume and size. Additionally, it helps the muscles to retain water, which will in turn increase their size.

3. Brain function: In the brain, l-glutamine becomes glutamic acid, which is needed to enhance mental abilities. It can also help to control nitrogen levels, as too much can lead to ammonia toxicity.

4. Immunity: Exercise can lead to the reduction of glutamine levels in the blood, which leads to tissues and organs becoming vulnerable to illness as they are not in optimum condition. This is why athletes and people who take part in strenuous exercise regimes are often prone to infections like colds and the flu.

5. Elderly muscles: As much as glutamine benefits the muscles of athletes, it can also prove beneficial for the elderly who often experience painful muscle cramps, particularly in the legs. With age, our natural stores of amino acids can decrease, leaving our bones and muscles incredibly fragile. Glutamine can help to revive muscle health and avoid cramps and pains.

6. Surgery recovery: It is suggested that some surgery patients, especially those undergoing abdominal operations, may recover more quickly and comfortably when taking l-glutamine supplements. Hospitals across Europe may also provide l-glutamine to all trauma patients.