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Changes to Children’s Cough & Cold Treatments

Benylin is supporting advice from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) aimed at helping to encourage appropriate use of children’s cough and cold medicines.

Benylin, and other manufacturers are updating the labels on their children's cough and cold medicines to reflect advice from the MHRA stating that they “should not be used” in children under 6 years. This advice applies to the following Benylin products.

  • Benylin Children’s Chesty Coughs (contains guaifenesin).
  • Benylin Children’s Coughs and Colds.
  • Benylin Children’s Dry Coughs (contains pholcodine).
  • Benylin Children’s Night Coughs.

Cough and cold medicines have a long history of safe use in children; however, often the evidence to support the effectiveness of these medicines has come from studies conducted in adults. There is now a growing understanding of how to best treat cough and colds in children. The changes are a precautionary step; the MHRA state that this advice does not warrant the removal of any products from store shelves. Cough and cold medicines can still be used in children over 6, but over time the instructions on the label will be updated, so parents should always make sure they read the label before use.

Benylin Children’s Tickly Coughs and Benylin Children’s Apple Flavour Cough Syrup are not affected.

Simple cough syrups containing glycerol (such as Benylin Children’s Tickly Coughs and Benylin Children’s Apple Flavour Cough Syrup) remain suitable and recommended for use in children from 3 months.

If you are unsure about whether a cough or cold medicine is appropriate for your child, speak to your pharmacist or GP before using the medicine. For more information and advice on treating cough and cold in children please click here.

Always read the label.

Benylin Children’s Chesty Coughs soothes and relieves chesty coughs (contains guaifenesin)

Benylin Children’s Coughs and Colds calms and soothes coughs and colds.

Benylin Children’s Dry Coughs calms and soothes tickly coughs (contains pholcodine)

Benylin Children’s Night Coughs calms and soothes coughs.

Benylin Children’s Tickly Coughs and Benylin Children’s Apple Flavour Cough Syrup relieve dry tickly coughs (contain glycerol)

It’s normal for children to get 8 or more colds a year. Gradually they build up immunity and get fewer colds.

Most colds will get better within a few days and you may not need to do more than keep your child comfortable until they get over it.