Does XLS-Medical Work?

If you're curious to know more about XLS-Medical Fat Binder, here is some useful information on the science behind it and how it works.

This explains how XLS can help you lose up to 3 times more weight alongside a healthy eating plan and regular exercise.

XLS-Medical is Clinically Shown to Help you Lose Weight

XLS has run several clinical trials to prove that XLS Medical really works - and can absorb as much as 27% of dietary fat while being gentle on the system too. Clinical studies carried out by XLS Medical to prove the efficiency and safety of the product. The findings have been well received by the medical community and the study has been published by the official journal of The Obesity Society.

The main clinical study carried out by XLS Medical took place in 2010: 

  • 123 volunteer classified as overweight or obese.
  • The trial carried out in own home
  • Each candidate is given a diet plan (500 calories less than RDA)

The group of volunteers was split into two; group one received a daily 3g dose of Litramine (found in XLS Medical Fat Binder) and group 2 received a placebo. The 2 tablets were taken 3 times a day with liquid immediately after meals for a period of 12 weeks. After the 12 weeks, results from the study revealed that the group taking the active ingredient Litramine lost 3x more weight than the placebo group.

XLS-Medical is also clinically shown to:

  • Help you feel fuller for longer
  • Compensate for lost vitamins

How does XLS-Medical Work?

XLS Medical Fat Binder is made using the active ingredient Litramine (a natural fibre complex), plus fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E. This unique blend of ingredients work by forming a fat-fibre complex in your body too large to be absorbed by your intestines. This fat-fibre complex is too large to be absorbed in the small intestine and is eventually excreted from the body.

After this essential fat binding phase, the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E are released and absorbed into your body. This optimises the availability of these vitamins for absorption.

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