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Tampax Super

48 Tampons
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Tampax Super part of Tampax's wide range of tampons with several different absorbencies to meet your body's needs. The new Tampax Compak has a protective "skirt". The "skirt" is an extension of the outer layer covering the tampon, offering you extra protection when you need it the most.

Tampax Super offers easy insertion thanks to its Anti Slip Grip, silky smooth finish and rounded tip. They offer great effective performance as the tampon expands to fit the shape of your body and gives you all the protection you would expect from Tampax. Suitable for a medium to heavy flow with an absorbency of 9-12g.

Directions for the use of Tampax Super:

  • Remember to wash your hands before and after inserting and removing the tampon.
  • You should change your tampon every 4 to 8 hours
  • Be sure to use the lowest absorbency tampon for your flow.
  • Always remove your used tampon before inserting a new one.
  • Be sure to remove your last tampon at the end of your period.
  • Tampons are designed to absorb menstrual flow only. Do not use a tampon in anticipation of your period or to absorb non-menstrual vaginal discharge.
  • If you wish to use this product overnight, you may do so, provided that you insert a fresh tampon before retiring and remove it immediately upon waking. You should never wear a tampon for more than 8 hours

Precautions to consider when using Tampax Super:

  • Tampons are associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious illness that may cause death. Read and save the information enclosed in the box regarding TSS and the use of tampons.
  • You can reduce the risk of menstrual Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) by using a pad instead of a tampon at least once each day during your menstrual period and by using the tampon with the minimum absorbency required to meet your needs. You can also essentially eliminate the risk of menstrual TSS by not using tampons.
  • Remember - it's important not to wear your tampon for more than 4-8 hours.

Side Effects to consider with the use of Tampax Fresh Super:

TSS can occur anytime during menstruation or shortly thereafter. It can rapidly progress from flu-like symptoms to a serious illness that can be fatal. The warning signs of TSS are listed below, but all of them may not be present:

  • High fever
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Rash that looks like sunburn
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle aches
  • Fainting or near fainting when standing up
  • Skin peeling may occur in later stages of the illness.

If you have one or more of these symptoms, you must immediately:

  • Remove Tampon
  • Seek medical attention
  • Tell your doctor if you have been using a tampon and are concerned about TSS
  • If you had TSS once you can get it again. You should talk to your doctor before using tampons if you have had symptoms of TSS in the past.
Tampax Super
5 stars

Absolutely great product, with long lasting protection and perfect value for price! On my way to purchase 3 more..

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