Fibre Supplements for Piles


Banish uncomfortable Piles with Chemist Direct

Suffering with Haemorrhoids (or Piles as they are more commonly known), can be embarrassing as well as extremely uncomfortable. Here at Chemist Direct, we offer a range of fibre supplements to help relieve your symptoms and allow you to live a piles free life.

Take a fibre supplement today

Choose from a range of top name brands such as Fybogel and Benefiber, which helps you to increase the amount of fibre within your diet, helping to keep your bowels movement regular and minimising any chance of piles occurring. Or perhaps you’d prefer to try Manevac or HealthAid, both of which tackles the unpleasant effects of constipation, reducing the chances of piles developing.

Keep your piles at bay with medication at Chemist Direct

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