Belching & Trapped Wind Medicines

Get rid of the discomfort of trapped wind with these treatments from Chemist Direct. We offer a wide range of products to help alleviate trapped wind in your stomach, intestinal gas, and abdominal pain. 

Shop here for belching and trapped wind treatments from brands like Buscopan, Crampex, Cura-Heat, Aquaban, and more.

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Relieve trapped wind with products from Chemist Direct

Trapped wind is a condition caused by the build-up of an excessive amount of air or gas in the gut. It is a common cause of abdominal pain and bloating for all age groups.

It can also be referred to as trapped intestinal gas and can cause varying degrees of discomfort to sufferers, in some cases lead to the disruption of day to day activities of life unless you can find a discrete trapped wind cure that suits your needs.

Need trapped wind relief?

So to ensure you can enjoy your day when trapped wind strikes, Chemist Direct works with leading healthcare brands and manufacturers to supply our customers with the best relief tablets, colic drops and other remedies. We offer a wide range of products to help alleviate the symptoms of intestinal gas, cure abdominal pain and offer effective IBS treatment via a wide range of well-known brands such as Buscopan, Rennie, Windeze, Windsetlers, to the maybe not so well known, but just as effective Asilone, Bisodol and Colpermin.

Relief for Colic & Young Infants

It can affect infants to; especially if they are bottle-fed as air bubbles get sucked up too as they drink milk. For them, there is Infacol to help relieve the pain of trapped wind associated with Colic, as well as Dentinox and Woodwards Gripe Water, so you can be sure we have a product to help keep your baby happy. Plus they taste great too, so there should be no trouble them taking it either (one less thing to worry about as a new mom).

Get trapped wind remedies for all the family here at Chemist Direct

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