Say Goodnight with Sominex

It's not unusual to have trouble sleeping from time to time...did you know that one in four adults has sleep problems so severe they can sometimes feel sleepy and unwell during the day.

What is Sominex?

Have you ever had a restless night, or found it difficult to get off to sleep at bedtime? Sominex is a clinically proven sleep aid designed to relieve occasional sleeplessness. If you are having trouble getting a good night's sleep due to stress, changes in lifestyle, or an interruption to your normal sleeping routine, Sominex may be able to help. Sominex has been created to assist in correcting temporary disturbances in your normal sleep pattern, such as:

  • Difficulty getting to sleep
  • Difficulty staying asleep
  • Changes in your normal routine e.g. jetlag

What Is Sominex Herbal?

For those who prefer a sleep remedy with natural ingredients, Sominex Herbal is a traditional herbal remedy to soothe and promote a natural calming sleep. Sominex Herbal contains a natural blend of herbs specifically chosen for their sleep-inducing properties. Combining valerian, hops and passion flower, Sominex Herbal helps to soothe and promote a calming and restful sleep.