Benefits of Slim Fast

There are times when slimming down is just so tough. If you’re facing just such a challenge in your life, then Slim Fast is for you. This range of meal replacement shakes is an excellent way to provide your body with the nourishment it needs, minus the extra calories. Each of the weight loss shakes in this Slim Fast range provide you with a third of your daily 22 essential vitamins and minerals. Slim Fast drinks are also a great source of your daily protein, fibre, and essential fats requirements.

Slim Fast has been scientifically proven to help dieters lose weight and reach their target weight. Here are some reasons why Slim Fast is the diet of choice for you:

  • The plan is designed to deliver a total intake of almost 1400 calories a day for women and 1600 calories each day for men. This causes a weekly energy shortfall that causes you to lose 1 to 2 pounds each week.
  • Slim Fast drinks are clinically proven meal replacements that have been proven to assist with both weight loss and weight maintenance.
  • All Slim Fast shakes, powders, and bars are delicious and convenient.
  • Each shake or bar contains just the right portion to keep your energy up without you needing to over-eat. Portion control takes away the guesswork of calorie counting.
  • You can still enjoy tasty treats while on the Slim Fast diet, but only occasionally.
  • Each Slim Fast product is formulated to follow strict national and European standards. Nutritional quality and consistency is high.
  • All products are nutrient-dense fortified and allow you to lower your calorie intake without needing to lower your nutrient intake, like other diets sometimes do.
  • Slim Fast drinks are available in a wide range of flavours like Rich Chocolate, Summer Strawberry, Blissful Banana, and Simply Vanilla.
  • Each of these shakes count as a meal in the Slim Fast 3-2-1 weight loss plan or as a meal replacement with a regular diet.