Heartburn Causes a great amount of irritation and pain to many people all over the world. It can even induce vomiting due to a build-up of stomach acid, otherwise known as acid reflux. To better prevent this problem from occurring, we at Chemist Direct have provided you with information on Heartburn Causes.


Heartburn is an unpleasant condition that occurs when acid from the stomach rises up into the oesophagus and the throat where it causes a burning pain. This action is called acid reflux. Affecting 25-30% of UK adults, heartburn is becoming more common, possibly as a result of increased stress, unhealthy diets and over-eating. Heartburn is particularly common during pregnancy with more than 72% of pregnant women suffering during their last trimester. The pain of heartburn can last for several hours or more and is often made worse by eating. Many people suffer sleepless nights as a result of heartburn because lying down can trigger the condition and increase the pain. The main symptoms of heartburn are characterised by: Burning pain in the chest after eating. Burning sensation in the throat. Hot, sour or salty tasting fluid in the back of the throat.


Causes and Prevention

You’re more likely to suffer from indigestion if you have a busy, stressful lifestyle, if you smoke, you’re overweight or if you don’t exercise regularly. Indigestion can also strike on holiday when it’s tempting to over-indulge in rich or spicy food and drink more alcohol than usual. Here are some of the common causes of indigestion, by avoiding these activities it is possible to reduce your chances of suffering from the symptoms of indigestion. Eating too much or too quickly Gulping down fizzy drinks Eating rich or spicy food Drinking too much alcohol Irregular eating patterns Stress