Types of allergies

There are many different types of allergies caused by different substances. Different allergens cause different reactions and symptoms because they enter the body and affect the immune system in different ways. The most common forms of allergies are airborne and are therefore a result of allergens entering the body through the lungs. Some allergies however cause skin reactions if the allergen has direct contact with the skin. Thankfully, with Piriton and its antihistamine properties, allergy symptoms can be easily suppressed and managed.

Intermittent allergic rhinitis:

This is best described as brief episodes of airborne allergies, where reactions are triggered from airborne allergens. Hayfever is a top example of this type of allergy, as it is triggered by pollen in the air and is only experienced at certain times of the year. The activity of pollen in the air is experienced through warm spring and summer months, which is why people suffer from hayfever throughout this particular time of the year. Grass pollen is the most common cause of hayfever, with an estimated 90% of hayfever sufferers being allergic the pollen from grasses.

Persistent allergic rhinitis:

Also caused by airborne allergens, persistent allergic rhinitis can cause allergic reactions all year round. We are consistently exposed to allergens like dust and animal dander, meaning they can be inhaled at any time of the year. They cause an inflammation of the nasal passages that leads to typical symptoms like itchy eyes, runny noses and sneezing. Pet allergies are quite common, especially with house pets like cats and dogs. People often think it is the pet’s fur that is causing the reaction, when in fact it is the pet dander (dead skin cells) that becomes airborne before settling.

Skin allergies:

Skin allergies are caused by direct contact with allergens and are often known as allergic contact dermatitis. Cosmetics, fragrances and plants are the most common causes of skin allergies causing an inflammation of the skin. Symptoms of skin allergies include redness, bumpy or swollen skin and itching.

There are many other types of allergies that can cause a combination of symptoms on both the respiratory system and on the skin like insect bites and stings, food allergies, heat rashes and reactions to certain medicines.