Allergies and Piri

In this article well look at the benefits of PiriNatural Nasal Spray.

PiriNatural Breathe Clean

The air you breathe contains impurities such as allergens, air pollutants, and pathogens. The mucus in the nose helps to trap and filter these impurities before they reach the lungs. Then, small hairs in the nose called cilia move back and forth to help naturally clear particles from the nose. If the levels of air pollutants get too high, this can lead to a reduction in function and even damage to the delicate cilia. This may impair your nose's natural ability to clear itself.

PiriNatural Breathe Clean is a natural and preservative free saline wash that combines Aloe Vera powder, sea water and purified water into a daily defence from pollutants. This natural solution helps to clean and moisturise the nose, supporting normal nasal function. PiriNatural cleans the nose by washing allergens like pollen and dust from the nose, which may reduce hay fever symptoms and help you and your family to breathe better. As PiriNatural is 100% drug free it can be used in combination with your normal allergy medication. It is also ideal for use to clear your nose when it is blocked, as it washes away mucus and crust that has built up in the airways.

The soothing aloe vera in this formula helps to relieve nasal irritation and dryness by moisturising and hydrating the inside of the nose. It is suitable for use by people who experience nasal dryness and irritation.

It is recommended to cleanse the nose 1 to 2 times per day per nostril, but its also suitable for use as often as needed. The nasal applicator is specially designed to adapt perfectly to the nostril, and it comes with a safety ring for use with children.

Use PiriNatural to take back control of your nasal health.