Treating your allergy

Allergic reactions and their associated symptoms can be difficult to manage. It is near impossible to go through life avoiding the allergens that are causing your reactions – and nobody wants to be trapped inside or avoiding things they enjoy just because of an allergy. Thankfully, with Piriton, allergies are easy to manage and keep under control! Their products can ease and help to eliminate symptoms and can also be taken as a preventative measure if you know you are likely to encounter an allergic reaction.

What is an antihistamine?

The chemical that is released when you come into contact with your allergy trigger is called histamine, which causes the onset of allergic symptoms. Antihistamines therefore work to control these symptoms by blocking the effect of histamine. Antihistamines are a common allergy treatment as they are effective for relieving early phase symptoms like sneezing and itchy eyes caused by hayfever, pet allergies, dust allergies and mould spores. They can also be used to relieve skin allergies and reactions like rashes, redness and swelling. Some medications offer an antihistamine and decongestant combination to relieve nasal and sinus congestion that is caused by certain allergies. While the antihistamine helps to control certain symptoms, the decongestant opens the nasal passages that had become inflamed.

The Piriton range:

Piriton have ensured that everyone has the best chance of combatting their allergies. Their range includes Piriton Tablets and Piriton Syrup to cover all ages and all preferences. They contain an antihistamine called Clorphenamine Maleate that prevents the release of histamine when confronted with allergens. The Piriton range is suitable for relieving symptoms of hayfever, pet allergies, dust mite allergies, mould spore allergies, skin allergies, prickly heat and heat rash, food allergies, insect stings and bites and itchy rashes from chickenpox. Their syrup is suitable for children over 12 years and their tablets are suitable for all ages above 6 years.