Does whitening toothpaste help?

Frequent users of whitening toothpastes and whitening mouthwashes all agree that if you’re not able to opt for whitening treatments from a dentist, regular use of whitening products are a simpler route. Whitening toothpaste is safe and mild enough for pretty much anyone to use. However, while there isn’t a soul who wouldn’t love to be the proud owner of a set of bright, pearl choppers, questions about the sincerity of tooth whitening products do cross the mind from time to time.

So why use whitening products?

For one, regular use of whitening toothpaste helps remove stubborn stains and plaque. You can enjoy a healthier smile because whitening toothpaste is specially formulated to remove surface stains from natural teeth. Whitening toothpastes usually contain mild abrasives like hydrated silica, or other chemicals like sodium hexametaphosphate that have stain-dissolving properties. Other benefits of using whitening toothpaste include:

  • It’s the cheapest solution to whitening your teeth as no dental visits are required.
  • Whitening toothpastes clean tartar and plaque thoroughly.
  • It also helps treat cavities.

Remember however, that everyone’s teeth are different

You may or may not get the same results as the next person. Keep in mind also that natural teeth and false teeth respond to whitening products differently. Teeth that have been treated with dental sealants, veneers, or dental bonding will also respond differently to stained and whitening products. Whitening toothpaste may also have a noticeable effect on tooth-coloured crowns or fillings that have become stained over time. If you notice that your teeth do not respond well to whitening toothpastes and start to feel more sensitive, use a different whitening toothpaste that will offer you sensitivity protection.