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Nitty Gritty Nitfree Comb

Nitty Gritty Nitfree Comb

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Nitty Gritty Nitfree Comb is an effective way to remove and destroy all head lice, nits (empty, hatched eggshells) and eggs (unhatched lice).

Nitty Gritty Nitfree Comb is a revolutionary comb, effectively removing and destroying lice, eggs (unhatched lice) and nits (empty, hatched egg shells). Quick and easy to use, the comb removes and destroys 100% of all lice and eggs with its patented micro grooved steel teeth.

These special teeth run through any kind of hair smoothly and safely to avoid cutting or pulling the hair, and the teeth's rounded ends penetrate all the way to the scalp to remove even the tiniest nit quickly and easily, without scratching or hurting.

Safe for the entire family

Nitty Gritty NitFree comb is a durable and user-friendly product, with no sharp edges, no batteries to replace, and no extra parts or attachments to lose. One comb can be used by all the family, and the tempered stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Designed for safety

It features a comfortable, non-slip handle making it easy to use in the bath or shower. The special stainless steel used to manufacture the NitFree comb won't rust or tarnish. Each comb retains its tough, stylish appearance even after prolonged immersion in water and exposure to the different chemical products.

Advanced design

The teeth are separated from each other by a carefully-calculated gap, which is smaller than even the tiniest nit. And their extra length goes all the way through the thickest, most luxuriant locks, to remove more nits in fewer passes.

How to use Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb:

  • Ensure hair is tangle free and apply preferred choice of treatment or hair conditioner (we recommend using Nitty Gritty Head Lice Solution). 
  • Section hair and comb thoroughly from roots to ends with NitFree, making sure the hair is free from lice and nits before moving on to the next section. 
  • Clean comb after each stroke by rinsing under running water. 
  • Continue to comb each section, paying attention to the nape of the neck and behind the ears. 
  • Take care that uncombed sections DO NOT come into contact with sections already combed.

Some products for the treatment of head lice are flammable when on the hair, and can ignite and cause serious harm in the presence of an open flame or other source of ignition, such as when lighting cigarettes. The user of these products should keep away from people who are smoking, and open flames or other sources of ignition, including in the morning after an overnight application, until the hair is washed.

Please read the instructions that come with the treatment to ensure it is used safely and correctly.


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Nitty Gritty Nitfree Comb
5.00 stars

i have heard of the great escape, but with nitty gritty there no escape there out in a jiffy

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Nitty Gritty Nitfree Comb
5.00 stars

This comb may seem pricey at first but believe me it is worth every single penny! My daughter has long hair which is a like a magnet to .head lice so we are no stranger to the various treatments available, This is so simple and it removes EVERYTHING including those old eggs glued onto the hair which are really impossible to remove. My daughter hates all the fuss with the other treatments and thinks this is amazing .

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