How does Nicorette work?

Did you know that when you use Nicorette products you can actually double your chances of quitting smoking? Nicorette is the original creators of nicotine replacement. Nicorette products work by delivering controlled amounts of nicotine to your systems. When you chew Nicorette Gum or suck a Nicorette Lozenge or mini Lozenge, a lower level of nicotine is absorbed through the lining of your mouth and helps relieve your carvings. Because the nicotine is delivered slowly and in small amounts, you can double your changes of quitting.

Relieves the urge to smoke

Nicorette helps relieve the nicotine craving and helps you do without smoking as you go about your day. By using Nicorette you are helping your body get used to using smaller amounts of nicotine; and, when you are following a plan of action you can soon be on your way to not needing any Nicorette at all!

Even if you try giving up smoking without any help from Nicorette, it’s a given that there will be days when you sneak in a smoke or two. Why? It’s because the body has gotten used to a certain amount of nicotine each day to the point that you actually crave it. Soon reaching for a cigarette becomes as much of routine part of your day as drinking your morning coffee, taking a lunch break, or hanging out with your friends.

So, why Nicorette?

If you really want to break the habit either for a loved one’s sake, for health reasons, or simply because you understand the dangers of smoking, Nicorette will help you resist the urge to grab a quick pack of smokes. Because Nicorette helps you overcome the physical effects of quitting smoking, the intensity of your weaker moments will gradually disappear. Reaching for Nicorette instead of your cigarette will help provide your body with just the right amount of nicotine it craves, but at a much slower and less intense pace than a cigarette.

Additionally, each Nicorette product comes along with an individual plan of action and instructions for how to make it work for you. By following product instructions you can reduce the amount of nicotine each day. Soon enough, you’ll be able to do without it completely.