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The Nexus Seven Step Guide to Prostate Massage for Couples

Step 1: Relax and Breathe

Good things come to those who practice! Learning how to deeply relax and connect your mind with your body is key to the success of your anal explorations with a prostate massager. Start your session with some deep breathing, and feel how each breath enters and exits your body. Lie down and feel your diaphragm moving.

Concentrate on relaxing each of your muscles and removing expectations of what is about to happen. Breathe out all those old ideas you had about male sexuality.

Step 2: Arousal

This part is entirely up to you! Do whatever turns you and your partner on. Try to do things which don't include the penis until you are fully worked up. You want this to be slow and sensuous. Your anal area doesn't produce any natural lubrication, so it is important to massage plenty of lubricant into the anus and on the toy. The prostate takes a little time to warm up and engorges fully with blood, so just take it easy. Being well-rested and having plenty of time to play is a good idea - there is a whole world in there! Take the time to discover it.

Step 3: Insert the Prostate Massager

This can be done by either of you, though it can be very arousing if done correctly by your partner. Extreme care must be taken! The anal tissue is very delicate. It is helpful if either of you have done it before so you know what it is supposed to feel like, but this is not always necessary. Ensure adequate lubrication at all times.

Arousing The Anus: Arousing the anus prior to insertion can be a real advantage, so licking or rubbing the anus area gently and lightly while briefly stimulating the penis will help to open it and relax the muscles.

Do whatever turns you and your partner on....

While inserting, breathe evenly and deeply, and relax the sphincter muscles with each exhalation. Take it slowly. Fit it completely and comfortably inside your anal canal. Breathe and feel the sensations.

Positioning: The prostate massager can be inserted while he is on his hands and knees, which can be an arousing and sexy position to be in. Other options are on his side, with his knees slightly bent, or with his feet resting under his buttocks, kneeling. Make sure the toy is well lubricated. He should be in whatever position is comfortable. Lying on his back can cause the massager handle to push on the bed, which can cause discomfort. Hands and knees, on the side, or kneeling are all good positions to allow his partner access to all parts of his body for arousal.

Breathing: While inserting, breathe evenly and deeply, and relax the sphincter muscles with each exhalation. Take it slowly. Fit it completely and comfortably inside your anal canal. Continue with your erotic play, keeping penis contact to a minimum, but do cause an erection. Keep the stimulation varied in whatever manner you prefer. He needs to concentrate on the sensations in his prostate and abdomen area.

Step 4: Getting Used to It

Breathe and feel the sensations. Play around and see what different things feel like.

Step 5: Start Small Contractions

When he feels comfortable with the prostate massager inside him, he may feel the swell of his prostate against the toy. The prostate engorges with blood upon arousal, and this is why it is possible to feel it. This is what will provide the stimulation to "milk" the prostate, and have more intense orgasms. The reverberations of the anal contractions will vibrate up the shaft of the toy, into the head, and onto his prostate. Try contracting on inhalation, and letting go on exhalation. The untrained muscles will probably quiver involuntarily: this is good. He will feel the effects in his prostate.

Play around with the contractions and see how it feels with long ones, strong ones, short ones, and weak ones. Maintaining tautness in the sphincter will cause involuntary quivers, which in effect stimulate the prostate in a positive way. See what feels good. Keep the erotic stimulation on other parts of the body, and build into a rhythm.

Step 6: Take it further

You can now involve the penis in a more full-on way. Do whatever you like, and explore the sensations you are feeling. There are no rules now, so find your own pleasure-spots and techniques. Most feelings are heightened at this point, so make the most of them! Feelings tend to build up and come in waves. Step 7: Keep Practicing Try different things, check out forums, talk to people. Every man's experience will differ.

Step 7: Keep Practicing

Try different things, read up forums, talk to people. Every man's experience with a prostate massager is different and unique, but the sensations are normally very similar in the process. If you don't achieve success right away, don't panic and don't give up! Keep trying.