How does Imedeen work?

The Imedeen supplement range has been specially developed to suit different ages and different skin care needs. Its key ingredients work to keep your skin healthy by improving moisture balance, dermal density, radiance and softness. It works differently to facial creams or lotions because it works in the middle dermal layer instead of only on the visible epidermal skin layer. Imedeen is specially formulated to work in the middle skin layer because this is where the very first signs of ageing begin before visible signs occur on the outside.

Imedeen takes skin care to an entirely new level in order to provide you with a better looking and more youthful future. With unique ingredients that are specially formulated and tailored to different skin needs, Imedeen will tackle the signs of ageing from the inside, out.

Imedeen Derma One – is specially formulated for women in their thirties, as this is the time where collagen production begins to decrease and there is a gradual reduction of cell renewal. It aims to prevent expression fine lines from appearing by maintaining collagen production.

Imedeen Time Perfection – is designed for women in their forties who are experiencing a breakdown of collagen and elastin support and a decrease in dermal density and moisture. It works to tackle deepened lines around the eyes and mouth as well as sun spots, freckles and fine thread veins to keep the skin healthy and glowing.

Imedeen Prime Renewal – is perfect for women in their fifties, whose skin has lost moisture and is more vulnerable to free radical damage. Women at this age often notice deepened lines and wrinkles and sagging skin due to a loss of underlying fat. In the first 5 years of menopause, the skin loses 30% of collagen and cellular turnover is decreased by 50%, which is why Imideen works to boost epidermal structures in order to make the skin more resilient to ageing and damage.

Man.age.ment – is specially formulated for men as their skin needs are vastly different to women’s. Male skin usually goes under more daily stress that results in heightened sensitivity and dryness, so Imedeen is designed to reach where male grooming products do not in order to improve skin quality and prevent visible ageing.