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Hedrin Once Spray Gel
  • Hedrin Once Spray Gel
  • Hedrin Once Spray Gel

Hedrin Once Spray Gel

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Hedrin Spray Gel is a new formula and is clinically proven to kill head lice and eggs. Hedrin Liquid Gel eliminates head lice and their eggs in adults and children aged 6 months and over.

Hedrin Once Spray Gel


What is Hedrin Once Spray Gel?

Hedrin Once Spray Gel is a fast-acting solution that gets to work in just 15 minutes. This thicker gel formulation contains Dimethicone and Penetrol to penetrate head lice eggs and kills head lice with just one application.

Does Hedrin work? 

The Hedrin range has shown in clinical trials to be incredibly effective at killing head lice but is specially formulated to suit your preference and lifestyle. Each product contains a physical mode of action that lice cannot develop a resistance to. They do not require combing once applied, they are all skin-friendly. They have no unpleasant odours or asthma triggers and can be used on babies from 6 months old. 

Caution before using Hedrin Once Spray Gel:

  • Cover the shoulders with a towel.
  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Holding the spray approximately 10cm from the hair carefully spray sufficient gel evenly over dry hair to ensure the scalp and hair are fully covered and the hair is saturated.
  • Be careful not to spray into eyes and face and do not breathe the spray.
  • Work into the hair with fingers spreading the gel through the hair from root to tips.
  • Leave on hair for at least 1 hour or longer if convenient
  • Wash the hair thoroughly with a non conditioning shampoo. For best results apply the shampoo directly to the hair without wetting it
  • Apply Hedrin Spray Gel again after seven days.

Some products for the treatment of head lice are flammable when on the hair, and can ignite and cause serious harm in the presence of an open flame or other source of ignition, such as when lighting cigarettes. The user of these products should keep away from people who are smoking, and open flames or other sources of ignition, including in the morning after an overnight application, until the hair is washed.

Please read the instructions that come with the treatment to ensure it is used safely and correctly.


The views expressed are those of our customers. If you require advice on a condition or treatment, please contact your doctor or pharmacist. For any questions regarding the products, please contact us. Please note: due to advertising regulations, not all product reviews can be displayed. Please be advised that people respond to products differently and you should always read the label.

Hedrin Once Spray Gel
5.00 stars

Works perfectly

Works perfectly in the 10 mins, only downfall is its VERY hard to wash out. Washed my daughters hair 5 times and she only has fine hair, would be hard to remove from someone with thick/coarse hair, BUT, id rather spend time rinsing than having headlice :)

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