The best shave

There are some incredibly simple steps to follow in order to get a close, comfortable and exceptional shave from Gillette. Make sure you prepare and protect your skin before shaving and calm your skin after shaving to achieve the best, refined look and smoothest skin.


Preparing the skin before shaving is essential and this step should never be skipped. Hydrating the skin before shaving not only helps to open pores and cleanse the skin, but also softens hairs and makes them easier to cut. Adding hydration will actually reduce the pressure you need to apply to effectively cut beard hairs by 40%, which will help you to gain a closer and more comfortable shave.

Non-drying shave gels are also essential for an exceptional shave as they help to shield your skin against nicks and cuts, redness and skin tightness. It provides a protective cushion between blades and your skin, helps to lock in moisture and provides a smoother glide over your skin. Sensitive gels for sensitive skin will help to prevent irritations and redness that are often experienced while shaving.


The way you shave will have effects on the results you achieve. There are a few simple rules that will lead to a comfortable and smooth shave without irritations or cuts. Using light and gentle stokes is best for comfort and precision, as applying too much pressure will lead to nicks and redness. Pulling your skin taught will also help to provide an even surface for an even shave. Rinse the blade under water frequently to reduce build-up on the blades and for a smoother glide. Leave your chin and around the lips until last to allow the shave gel to soak in these areas for longer to make the hairs easier to cut in these tricky places.


Rinse your face and neck with warm water in order to fully cleanse pores and keep the skin hydrated as it can sometimes feel dry after shaving. A good hydrating after shave or moisturiser is also essential. Gillette’s range of after shave balms are all non-greasy formulas that contain cooling agents, moisturisers and skin calmers in order to reduce any irritation, while refreshing, protecting and sealing the skin to leave it feeling soft and smooth.