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Care+ Friars Balsam Bp

Care+ Friars Balsam Bp

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Care+ Friars Balsam Bp is an inhalant for symptomatic relief of colds. It can also be used as a mild antiseptic dressing.

Care Friars Balsam Bp can be inhaled with steam vapour as a stimulating expectorant in coughs and catarrh. It can also be used as an antiseptic and protectant to minor cuts and abrasions.

How to use Care Friars Balsam Bp:

  • Add one 5ml spoonful of Friars balsam to approximately 1 pint of water of hot (not boiling) water. Inhale the vapour and repeat after 4 hours, if required.

Care Friars Balsam Bp contains:

Prepared storax BP 10.0% w/v, Benzoin sumatra BP 10.0% w/v, ethanol, purified water. 


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Care+ Friars Balsam Bp
4.00 stars

I have a Stoma and when my skin is raw the recommended product to use is Calamine Lotion. Unfortunately this dries to a powder and stops the colostomy appliance sticking to the skin. A friend told me to use Friars Balsam which is not only antiseptic but is sticky when dry. This works perfectly.

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Care+ Friars Balsam Bp
5.00 stars

Born 1954. Bad sinus problems as a kid. I needed regular steaming with Friars Balsam to get to sleep. Also used frequently to dress childhood cuts, grazes and bad stings nettle and insect. A must for all family first aid kits!

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