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Yoga Benefits
On a physical level, yoga and its purifying ways have been proven to be extremely effective for various disorders including Heart disease, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis and Obesity to name a few.
For Heart Disease:
Yoga helps you to cope with stress, so you don’t need to depend on smoking or unhealthy eating. It also helps you find contentment within. When undertaking Yoga you will find that relaxation exercises such as Corpse Posture, Breathing Exercises and Meditation are especially effective in dealing with this problem.
For Hypertension (High blood pressure)
Yoga can be used as a supplement alongside/for medication. Doing yoga daily and trying to remain calm during stressful situations will indicate how you will react to stress which in turn determines your blood pressure. Again, when you begin to do yoga, do the Breathing Exercises, Meditation and the Corpse Posture for best results.
For Diabetes
Yoga can be a useful supplement for diabetes treatment. Amazingly, it helps control blood sugar levels by helping the pancreas produce more insulin. If you have type 2 diabetes, which you are first told by your GP to control with exercise, then yoga eliminates your dependence on insulin treatment. Once you begin yoga, try doing postures like the Bow Posture, Forward Bend, Spinal Twist, Shoulder Stand, Cobra Posture, Corpse Posture, Plough Posture, Abdominal Pumping and Abdominal Lock. Breathing Exercises and Meditation can also be effective.
For Arthritis
The aim of Yoga is to relax you but at the same time keep you reasonably active so your joints don’t become stiff. Once you begin yoga, try doing the Sun Salutation for help maintaining joint mobility. Do breathing exercises to increase your circulation.
For Obesity
If you are obese, control ‘what’ you’re eating and how much you’re consuming, in order to lose weight. Learn to not overeat, eat what your body needs to work and live. When you undertake Yoga, it is recommended that you acquire a high fibre, low calorie diet. Yoga also helps you control your mind so that you do not crave food. You only eat when you are actually hungry. There are some postures that help in reducing obesity including the Shoulder Stand, Plough Posture, Thunderbolt Posture and Forward Bend.
Yoga & Flexibility
Yoga is also invaluable in increasing flexibility and incorporates positions that act upon various joints of the body including those joints we rarely pay attention too. Yoga also increases the lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons as the yoga positions actually exercise the tendons and ligaments of the body.
Yoga may be the only form of activity that massages all internal glands and organs of the body thoroughly, including the prostate (which hardly gets externally stimulated during a lifetime). Yoga benefits us by keeping away disease and provides an alert to us at the first possible instance of a likely onset of disease or disorder.
Through gentle stretching of the muscles and joints as well as massaging internal organs, yoga ensures an optimum blood supply to the body. This supply helps to flush out the toxins from every corner of the body, as well as providing nourishment. With this, you receive benefits such as delayed ageing, increased energy and an extraordinary passion for life.
For muscles that have become flaccid or weak are stimulated continuously to help shed any excess flab.
Yoga & Meditation
Yoga through meditation works to achieve harmony and helps the mind to work in sync with the body. Stress, which affects all parts of our physical and emotional systems, can be remedied through the yoga practice of meditation.
In fact yoga and meditation go hand in hand as both work together to achieve the common goal of the unity of the mind, body and spirit.
Mediation through yoga helps you to achieve an emotional balance through ‘detachment’ meaning meditation creates conditions, whereby you are not affected by what happens around you. In turn, this creates a significant calmness within you and a positive outlook, which then creates incredible benefits on the physical health of the body.