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Caring For Your Childís Skin

Did you know that one in five children in the UK suffers from dry, sensitive, itchy skin or eczema? Itís more common skin problem than youíd think and itís often an extra thing for mums and dads to worry about on top of everything else.

Dry, sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema can be very itchy and uncomfortable for your child. Naturally, they want to scratch and it can be extremely difficult to stop them but you must. Especially if your child does have eczema, allowing them to scratch and open up those patches. This can lead to bacteria entering the body, causing further inflammation and more discomfort. (1, 2, 3)

Why Is It Difficult To Care For Your Childrenís Skin?

Caring for your childrenís skin poses several challenges for parents. While adults understand how moisturising creams and lotions can help rejuvenate your dry skin and provide relief to the itchiness. Children may not understand this is for their benefit and find a skin regime annoying and inconvenient.

That is why most parents choose to use bath-based treatments such as specially formulated bath oils and ointments. It is much easier than trying to regularly apply moisturisers. However, it does not come without its problems.

Kids donít want to be different. Just as they watch the same TV shows and play with the same toys as their friends and siblings, they want to use the same bubble bath or shower gels. They see their friends and siblings using colourful bubble baths and they want to share in the fun.

Trouble is, this fun can often mean a bath full of detergent or heavy fragrance. This is bad news for dry skin and eczema, leaving it dried out, aggravated or itchy.

Whatís the solution?

For parents of children with dry skin conditions, E45 Junior is designed to make such battles a thing of the past.

It's a range of washing and moisturising products, which are not only fun for kids to use, but also good for their skin. The range is dermatologist approved and clinically proven to be kind to dry, sensitive skin and eczema.

Why should I trust E45 Junior?

E45 is a brand you can trust with your skin. With over 60 years of experience in caring and protecting dry, itchy skin, the skin care expertsí Junior range is specially formulated for children. Providing expert treatment and care while designed for children for fun bath times.

These moisturising and cleansing products have been designed for kids and it's been a clear hit with families. The E45 Junior range consists of a fun hypoallergenic hand and body wash.

What else can I do?

As well as using a well-formulated bath oil and treatment, there are other everyday things you can do to help your child and follow these simple guidelines (2):

  • Dress children in cotton clothes. Avoid wool as it makes the skin hot and itchy
  • Bed linen should be cotton and pillows and duvets feather-free
  • Keep bedrooms cool; overheating aggravates itching
  • Avoid biological washing powders and fabric conditioners
  • Keep pets out of the house since fur and feathers can irritate eczema
  • Dust should be kept down as much as possible Ė house dust mites are linked to flare-ups
  • Certain foods such as milk or eggs can aggravate eczema in a small number of people. Consult your doctor or dietitian
  • Avoid soap and heavily fragranced bubble baths
  • Keep skin moisturised day and night


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This article has been medically approved by Superintendent Pharmacist Shilpa Shailen Karia, MRPharmS. - GPhC Reg No: 2087328