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Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Cigarettes

What are electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are the latest revolution in the world of smoking. E-cigs are designed to look like traditional cigarettes, but deliver nicotine to the user without burning tobacco. It allows recreational smokers the chance to enjoy nicotine without inhaling harmful chemicals and smoke.

Traditional tobacco cigarettes are said to include 4000+ chemicals which are harmful to the user. Artificial cigarettes, however, provide a safer alternative to smoking as it is cleaner, safer, and significantly cheaper than tobacco cigarette smoking.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

Electronic cigarettes may differ slightly in design, for example some are automatic and some are manual, but they mostly all work the same way and have three primary parts: the battery, the atomizer (or heating element), and the cartridge (or e-liquid container).

The battery part of an e-cig, which provides light and heating, is located in the lower part of the cigarette. It is switched on in automatic e-cigs when the user inhales and in manual e-cigs when the user presses the button. Once triggered, the battery sends power to the atomizer. The LED at the end of the e-cig indicates ?power on?.

The atomizer is the low heating element in the e-cig that causes the e-liquid to vapourize. This part is made of a simple heater coil which is wound around a high temperature capillary wick that is connected to the fluid source. The wick used in each e-cig is dependent on the type of atomizer. When power is applied to the coil, air is drawn across the coil wound around the wick. The fluid in the wick is heated, turns to vapour and provides atomized heated vapour to the user.

Nicotine liquid is stored in the cartridge (also called the e-liquid Container) and the end is moulded into a mouthpiece. The cartridge can be made of either glass or plastic, and depending on the e-cig design it can be replaced or refilled.

Why are electronic cigarettes so popular?

Electronic cigarettes are wildly popular for recreational nicotine delivery for several reasons:

  • It is easier to use e-cigs in public places where traditional cigarette smoking is banned.
  • Electronic cigarettes do not contain harmful chemicals like tar or carbon monoxide that are found in regular cigarettes.
  • Certain research suggests that electronic cigarette smoking may be a safer way to obtain nicotine. Extensive research is still underway.
  • The smoking sensation and ?throat hit' is better than traditional cigarettes.
  • The cost of buying artificial cigarettes is significantly lower than conventional cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes are use and throw, while e-cigs can be refilled and used again.

Are electronic cigarettes safe to use?

The vapour produced from most e-cigs is made from a clear, non-toxic ingredient called propylene glycol. Propylene glycol has been deemed safe for use and can be found in ice creams and salad dressings. This does not, however, mean that e-liquid is safe for consumption as a large majority of it is consists of nicotine.

Use of electronic cigarettes for individuals who are under 18 years, pregnant, breastfeeding, or undergoing medical treatment is considered unsafe.

Who should not use E-cigs?

You must be over 18 years if you wish to purchase electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes should not be used by children, pets, pregnant or breast-feeding women, or individuals with medical conditions. If in doubt, consult your doctor or healthcare expert before use.

Individuals with cardiac or respiratory conditions should use electronic cigarettes with extreme caution. Always consult your doctor for a general health assessment and advice before you use e-cigs if you have a history of heart conditions.

How safe is the e-liquid used in e-cigs?

Because e-liquid is consists largely of nicotine, which is considered poison when in its raw form, it must be used with caution so that it does not cause harm to the user. Remember the following when using e-liquid:

  • Keep cartridges and e-liquid away from children and pets.
  • If a child or pet swallows a cartridge or any amount of e-liquid, seek immediate medical assistance. Take the bottle or cartridge with you so that your doctor or vet can identify any poisonous ingredients and give treatment accordingly.
  • Always keep cartridges, e-liquid, and anything e-cig related out of the reach of children and pets. It's generally best to keep all your e-cig equipment in an airtight, child-proof container on a shelf out of sight and out of reach.
  • Do not let e-liquid fall on your skin. If it does, immediately wash the area with soap and water.
  • Avoid getting e-liquid in your mouth. If it happens, rinse your mouth immediately with water and spit it out.
  • Should you or another adult accidently swallow any amount of e-liquid, seek immediate medical assistance. Take along the bottle or a similar cartridge so that your doctor can identify poisons and give you the necessary treatment.

Can I use my e-cig indoors?

When using an electronic cigarette, the vapour released vanishes in seconds and is not harmful to the environment because it does not contain tobacco or other harmful chemicals. As of now, there are no legal restrictions for when and where you may use electronic cigarettes. Bars, nightclubs, and restaurants are accommodating in most cases; however, user discretion is advised in all venues.

How can I place my e-cigs order with Chemist Direct?

  • When you find an item that you wish to buy, simply ?Add to Basket?.
  • If you change your mind later, click ?View Basket? and take out the items you don't want.
  • Once you're finished, ?Proceed to checkout?.
  • If you wish to leave the ?store' and come back later, you can sign out and upon signing in again, your chosen items will still be in your basket waiting for you.
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How will my order be delivered?

The total cost of your purchase includes delivery and packaging. Orders under 40 will be charged at 3.49 for a UK delivery regardless of the amount of items ordered.

Most orders are sent on the same working day the order is made or the day after. Packages are sent using a combination of couriers and services depending on your location and the contents of your package. Details of your shipping are included in the dispatch confirmation you receive.

Once your order arrives, your signature and additional handling charges may be needed on the receipt depending on the weight.

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