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Pros of bottle feeding

Choosing to feed baby from either the breast or the bottle is the right of every mum. While most healthcare experts agree that the breast is best, how your baby is fed is your personal choice and right at the end of the day. If you’ve decided for certain reasons that you want to bottle feed your baby, here is information to help you understand some of the benefits of the bottle.

Formula for 3 growth stages

Most bottle feeding formulas are available for three different age groups:

  • Birth to six months
  • Six months to twelve months
  • Over twelve months

Formulas are available in hypo-allergenic, anti-reflux, and lactose-free varieties, and because of this they are a blessed substitute to breast milk for babies who have trouble with breast milk or regular formulas. It generally takes a feeding session or two before you’re able to find the formula that best suits the needs of your baby. But, don’t worry that your baby might be getting fewer nutrients just because he has to have a specialised formula. All baby formulas contain the essential nutrients that are vital to the health and growth of your little one.

Easily establish a feeding routine

One of the biggest advantages of feeding your baby from a bottle instead of the breast is that you can create a routine for the time of feeding and also the amount of the feeding. Being able to measure exactly how much junior is drinking will help you to time his feeding sessions accordingly.

At the same time, keep in mind that bottle feeding must be organised and properly timed. For example, by the time your child wakes up from his nap he will not have the patience to wait while you boil water, prepare the formula, and let it cool. Keep a plan of action.

Can be prepared in advance

Feeding your baby from a bottle allows you to prepare certain things, like boiled water, in advance so that feeding is less stressful. A great idea is to boil water in the morning and store it in a clean flask for feeding throughout the day. Keep it beside your baby feeding station so that you simply need to add the formula in.

Remember, however, that baby’s bottles should be properly washed and sterilized after every feed. It’s best to prepare a fresh bottle after each feed.