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Who is Complan for?


How can Complan benefit families?

In a busy, modern world, Complan can provide nutrition for all the family.

You and your family can easily lose energy and become undernourished if you don't make time to eat a full and balanced diet on a regular basis. Our busy lifestyles can mean that regular meals are often missed and we snatch something to eat on the run. Often, when we're stressed or short of time, we turn to fast food and ready meals.

Complan is a simple and practical way to help your family achieve a nutritionally-balanced diet. It is a trusted, fortified nutrition supplement, providing protein and energy, packed with 24 vitamins and minerals that you and your family need in your daily diet.


How can Complan benefit seniors?

As you get older, you may experience a loss of appetite and start to lose energy and weight. You may find that you are less able to shop and prepare meals for yourself - or you simply don't feel like it. So becoming undernourished and losing weight are real and substantial risks, which can cause a number of health problems.

Complan is an ideal nutritional supplement for seniors. Complan prevents unintentional weight loss and undernutrition. Complan is a trusted, fortified nutrition supplement, providing protein and energy, packed with 24 vitamins and minerals that you need in your daily diet.

Complan can help you to stay healthy, active and fit for life. So if you are over 65 (or you are looking after someone over 65) give Complan a try.

Is Complan meal replacement suitable for you?

Are you too tired, on the move or too busy to prepare a nutritious meal?

If so, Complan provides balanced nutrition, because it contains all the major food groups. It takes no time to prepare - and is a quick, easy and nutritious alternative to a meal, to give you a nutrition boost when you need it.

Have you had unplanned weight loss and need to fortify your meals?

If so, Complan is an ideal way to increase your calorie intake. One or two drinks a day between meals can add valuable extra calories to your diet, as well as providing essential vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrate.

Do you experience difficulty in swallowing food?

Complan is made into a delicious drink by adding milk or water, making it easier to swallow than most foods.

How can Complan help you with your fitness goals?

Do you want to stay fit, active and healthy? Then why not start taking Complan today and boost your appetite for life?

Convenient, nutritious food supplements such as Complan are useful in safeguarding the nutritional status and should be encouraged by a health care professional and relatives.

Undernutrition & Complan

While the issue of obesity grabs the headlines, in fact around two million people in the UK are undernourished.

The condition is often not recognised or properly treated. Loss of appetite and weight loss are common following emotional trauma, especially bereavement, and especially in people who are socially isolated.

There are many reasons why seniors may require nutritional support. Often they may realise that they are undernourished, but find it difficult to eat properly, because they are not well, or find the whole process of preparing a meal tricky. This can be due to physical impairment, but it can also be due to emotional reasons; perhaps not wanting to think about preparing a meal for one following the death of a husband or wife.

Undernutrition may lead to several health effects, including:

  • Taking longer to recover from illness.
  • A weakening of the immune system.
  • Slower healing of wounds.
  • Wasting of muscles and weakness - affecting mobility, heart function and breathing.
  • An increased risk of pressure sores.
  • Increased tiredness, lack of concentration and apathy.
  • Depression, self-neglect and reduced social interaction.

Complan - For Weight Loss, Weight Gain & Weight Management

Whether you are overweight or underweight, you need a balanced diet to ensure that you get the nourishment your body needs.

Complan is a trusted, fortified nutrition supplement, providing protein and energy, packed with 24 vitamins and minerals that you need in your daily diet. And because it gives your body what it needs, it can be used both as a food.

Supplement in addition to meals for people who need to gain weight and as a meal substitute, as part of a controlled diet, for people who want to lose weight.

So make Complan part of your weight management plan if you want to: gain weight or lose weight.