Colgate Peroxyl Oral Rinse

Colgate Peroxyl Oral Rinse

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Colgate Peroxyl is an oral antiseptic mouthwash with a unique oxygenating cleansing action.

Colgate Peroxyl Oral Rinse helps heal and alleviate discomfort caused by minor mouth and gum irritations, such as gum inflammation, soreness and mouth ulcers. Its clever formula rapidly releases oxygen in the mouth resulting in an antibacterial effect on bacteria.

How Colgate Peroxyl Oral Rinse Works

The release of oxygen helps remove debris and has an antibacterial effect on anaerobic bacteria. This facilitates healing and alleviates discomfort caused by minor mouth and gum irritations, such as aphthous ulcers, pericoronitis and trauma from fixed orthodontic braces.

How Is Good Oral Hygiene Practiced?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and gums. Healthy teeth not only enable you to look and feel good, they make it possible to eat and speak properly. Good oral health is important to your overall well-being.

  • Daily preventive care, including proper brushing and flossing, will help stop problems before they develop and is much less painful, expensive, and worrisome than treating conditions that have been allowed to progress.
  • In between regular visits to the dentist, there are simple steps that each of us can take to greatly decrease the risk of developing tooth decay, gum disease and other dental problems. These include:
  • Brushing thoroughly twice a day and flossing daily
  • Eating a balanced diet and limiting snacks between meals
  • Using dental products that contain fluoride, including toothpaste
  • Rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash if your dentist tells you to
  • Making sure that your children under 12 drink fluoridated water or take a fluoride supplement if they live in a non-fluoridated area.


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Colgate Peroxyl Oral Rinse
5.00 stars

The product itself is good, and I have been buying it from Chemist Direct for many years, due to lower prices. However the latest delivery was extremely overpackaged. The 12 bottles were tightly wrapped in bubblewrap, which was then so taped to the extent that I could not even reuse any of it. An environmental disaster! Given that the bottles are plastic and not glass, I could not see the need for this.

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Colgate Peroxyl Oral Rinse
5.00 stars

I have been raving about Peroxyl for over 2 years now and really happy to see I can buy other places apart from Boots - it was recommended by my hygenist - from the minute I tried it I was hooked - it even seems to make my teeth whiter and is the best at leaving my breath fresh for hours ( apparantly bacteria hate bubbles and as you rinse in your mouth you generate the bubbles and it gets to work) - Im moving to USA soon and delighted to see its readily available there too

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