Colgate Oral Health Care

Colgate's range of dental care products includes toothpaste, mouthwash and (interdental) toothbrushes. There are whitening toothpastes suitable for sensitive and regular teeth, as well as a range of toothbrushes with properties such as whitening or deep clean. The mouthwashes are available with or without alcohol and contain fluoride for extra protection against cavities and tooth decay.

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Colgate has been leading oral hygiene for over 200 years.

Oral care is an important part of having a happy life; it saves us the pain and expense of tooth erosion and lets us show our happiness with a winsome smile. Colgate has the resources to ensure the best care is available to you and your family.

Colgate is a complete oral care regime for a cleaner, fresher mouth.

Colgate oral hygiene helps protect and clean your teeth and gums, keeping your oral hygiene in tip top condition. Here at Chemist Direct you will find Colgate Childrens toothpastes to look after milk teeth and young adult teeth, Colgate Toothbrushes and Colgate Toothpaste for daily cleaning and Colgate Floss and Colgate Mouthwash for extra teeth cleaning.

Good oral hygiene results in genuine smiles.

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