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Care + Pholcodine Linctus Care + Pholcodine Linctus

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Care + Pholcodine Linctus is for the symptomatic relief of unproductive coughs.


Care Pholcodine Linctus is a cough suppressant for the symptomatic relief of dry or irritating coughs.

Do not give to children under 12 years old. Do not take with other cough and cold medicines.

Adults, the elderly and children over 12 years: Take 1 or 2 x 5ml spoonfuls. Repeat after 4 hours if required, but not more than 4 doses in 24 hours.

Do not give to children under 12 years old. Do not take with other cough and cold medicines

Do not use the medicine if you have…. • An allergy to any of the ingredients listed in section 3. • Liver disease. • Shallow breath or breathing difficulties. • Chest problems or chest infections for a long time. • An asthma attack. • Taken MAOIs (monoamine oxidase inhibitors) for depression within the last two weeks. • Or in children under 12 years old. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have…. • Kidney or liver problems. • A history of asthma or other breathing problems including bronchitis. • A persistent cough or one that produces phlegm. • A history of drug abuse; pholcodine is an opioid and addiction is observed with opioids as a class.

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking…. • Medicine for high blood pressure, e.g. ACE inhibitors, beta blockers. • Diuretics, which help remove water from the body, e.g. furosemide, hydrochlorothiazide. • Medicines used to treat sleeplessness, anxiety and schizophrenia. • Alcohol or tranquillisers. • Pain killers, e.g. morphine. • Or are having surgery, as muscle relaxants used may react with this medicine. Concomitant use of this product and sedative medicines such as benzodiazepines or related drugs increases the risk of drowsiness, difficulties in breathing (respiratory depression), coma and may be life-threatening. Because of this, concomitant use should only be considered when other treatment options are not possible. However if your doctor does prescribe this product together with sedative medicines the dose and duration of concomitant treatment should be limited by your doctor.

Please tell your doctor about all sedative medicines you are taking, and follow your doctor’s dose recommendation closely. It could be helpful to inform friends or relatives to be aware of the signs and symptoms stated above. Contact your doctor when experiencing such symptoms.

Pregnant or breastfeeding…. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before using this medicine if you are pregnant, might be pregnant or are breastfeeding. Pholcodine Linctus should not be used in pregnancy unless the doctor has told you to do so. Driving and using machines…. This medicine may cause drowsiness. If you are affected do not drive or operate machinery.

Important ingredient information This medicine contains: • 270mg of alcohol (ethanol) in each 5ml dose. The amount in 5ml of this medicine is equivalent to less than 7ml of beer or 3ml of wine. The small amount of alcohol in this medicine will not have any noticeable effects. • 4g of sucrose per 5ml dose. To be taken into account in people with diabetes mellitus. If you have been told by your doctor that you have an intolerance to some sugars, contact your doctor before taking this medicine. • amaranth (E123) and sunset yellow (E110) which may cause allergic reactions. • 2.5mg sodium benzoate in each 5ml dose. • less than 1mmol sodium (23mg) per 5ml dose, that is to say essentially 'sodium-free'

Like all medicines, Pholcodine Linctus can have side effects, although these don’t affect everyone. Important side effects: If you think you have any of the following side effects, stop using this medicine immediately and see a doctor as soon as possible.

• Allergic reactions which cause difficulty in breathing, fever, swelling of the mouth, lips or skin, severe rashes and itching. Other possible side effects are: • Feeling or being sick • Constipation • Dizziness • Drowsiness • Feeling excited or confused • Rash • Failure to cough up phlegm.

If you notice these or any other side effects, stop use and tell your doctor or pharmacist. They will tell you what to do.

Reporting of side effects If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This includes any possible side effects not listed in this leaflet. You can also report side effects directly via the Yellow Card Scheme at: or search for MHRA Yellow Card in the Google Play or Apple App Store. By reporting side effects you can help provide more information on the safety of this medicine.

Active ingredient per 5ml: pholcodine monohydrate 5mg.

Also contains amongst other ingredients: ethanol, colours (E104, E110, E123), sodium benzoate (E211), sucrose 4g per 5ml, alcohol 6.5 vol%.


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Excellent treatment for a unproductive persistent tickly cough.

Good old excellect Treatment for the all too common symptoms of dry irritating cough, without drowsiness, I found.

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5.00 stars


Excellent service. Thank you

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