Veet Hair Removal

 Veet is a leading cosmetic brand that specialises in hair removal products. With over 80 years of experience, Veet offers a wide variety of products and treatments to remove hair seamlessly. Check out our Veet products today.

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Veet! The World’s No. 1 depilatory product!

With over 80 years of experience in developing safe and effective hair removal products, Veet products are used by over 30 million women across the world each year. Veet, formerly known as Immac and Neet, specialises in two major types of products in the UK: hair removal creams (mousses and gels) and waxes (cold wax strips and warm waxes).

More than 46 million Veet products are sold every year worldwide.

Veet is a brand that is dedicated to the care and beauty of your skin. With a line of popular Veet hair removal products already out in the market, the company still strives to develop new and exciting products to meet the needs and expectations of consumers. Shop at our Chemist Direct Veet ranges of Veet Cream Products , Veet for Men , Veet Wax Products, and Veet Shavers and Epilators.

It’s a smooth ride from Veet!

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