Stugeron Travel Sickness


Stop travel sickness in its tracks with Stugeron

Stugeron contains cinnarizine, an antihistamine that is highly effective in preventing and treating travel sickness whatever your mode of transport.

Stugeron Tablets have a long lasting effect making it an ideal treatment for journeys whether travelling by car, boat or plane. Take two tablets, two hours before travelling, followed by a further one tablet every eight hours if needed, to help stay free from travel sickness and maximise your experience.

By decreasing the response to motion, Stugeron Tablets can prevent many of the symptoms associated with travel sickness. It can stop the vomiting mechanism, thus helping to stop you feeling sick as well as actually being sick! What's more, with very low incidences of drowsiness or dizziness, Stugeron is more likely, than many other travel sickness remedies, to leave you feeling alert and ready to enjoy the day's activities.

How does it work?

It's double action treatment works:

  • On the balance organs in the inner ear to reduce sensitivity to motion thus preventing the mismatch of sensory confusion.
  • On the vomiting centre in the brain to stop nausea.
Enjoy your travels thanks to Stugeron

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