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Sterimar Nasal Congestion Relief

Sterimar is a leading healthcare brand that has made a name for itself in creating effective, fast-acting nasal congestion products. From your everyday cold and sinus relief to specially formulated nasal congestion products, Sterimar ensures your nose is clean, clear and moisturised. Check out our wide range of Sterimar nasal products today. 


About Sterimar Nasal Congestion Relief

Sterimar is a healthcare brand that specialises in treating and relieving nasal congestion. With over 40 years of experience in nasal health and congestion relief, Sterimar uses 100% natural, purified seawater in their unique nose sprays that are completely free from preservatives. It can help defend your nose against airborne allergens and germs while helping you stay well and keep breathing. 

Sterimar helps you to breathe easy again

Sterimar is a pure seawater spray that gently moisturises and clears nasal passages to help relieve nasal congestion associated with sinusitis, blocked nose, colds, hayfever, allergies and for nasal cleansing. Its gentle micro diffusion spray is delivered through a shaped nozzle that fits any nose, even a baby.

The Sterimar Nasal Range:

Sterimar comes in two different forms including Hypertonic Nasal Spray and Isotonic Nasal Spray, to ensure that you're getting the best relief.

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