Senokot Constipation Treatment

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For over 45 years, families like yours have relied on the Natural Vegetable Laxative Ingredient in Senokot to provide overnight relief from their occasional constipation. Senokot Laxative Products work gently and have become a reliable and reputable brand. It's the senna laxative ingredient that's been documented in over 8,000 patients and over 50 clinical studies.

And they know it works gently. Formulated with a Natural Vegetable Laxative Ingredient, Senokot Laxative products undergo strict Quality Assurance reviews for purity and potency so that you and your family can count on the same gentle, predictable results with every recommended dose.

Senokot are a natural constipation remedy containing the ingredient senna, extracted from the senna plant. As a 'motility enhancer' it works in a similar way to prunes or figs by gently stimulating the natural process by which food moves through the digestive system. It usually works in 8 -10 hours which means that adults who take it at night should be ready to go the next morning. Senokot works only in the colon which is where constipation occurs.

Senokot tablets, syrup and granules contain Senna, a natural plant extract which works by stimulating the muscles in the bowel in a similar way to figs and prunes. Helping to bring gentle, predictable relief. Senokot works with your body, leaving you feeling much fresher and brighter again.

When you're constipated, undigested waste builds up - waste you may be carrying around with you for several days. It may seem easier to wait for it to go away, but, suffering long periods without passing a bowel movement can cause your bowel wall to stretch and the muscles to work less efficiently. And some people have reported feeling irritable and sluggish. Changing your diet is a great idea, but life just isn't always that simple.

Sometimes your digestive system can do with a helping hand to get back to normal. A gentle constipation remedy like Senokot can help to restore your digestive system to its normal self.

The Senokot Family of Laxatives includes a solution that's right for virtually every member of your family. Choose Senokot Tablets, or, if constipation is accompanied by hard, dry stools, choose dual-action Senokot-S Tablets with docusate sodium to hydrate and soften hard, dry stools.

Why Senokot Laxatives? Because no matter which product from the Senokot Family of Laxatives you choose, you know you can count on gentle, predictable, overnight relief.

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