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Seabond denture fixative seals make sure you can go about your day without having to worry about your dentures. There are specialist dental fixture products for upper dentures as well as lower dentures, ensuring a good fit. The denture adhesive cream can be used on both and is developed for sensitive gums, protecting and soothing whilst providing an all-day hold.

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Seabond Denture Adhesive available at Chemist Direct

Seabond is a wafer thin flex soft seal with a powerful, all natural adhesive blended right in. Totally unlike pastes and powders, this Seabond Denture Fixative is tasteless, odourless and cannot ooze out. This denture fixative also peels off easily, with no messy clean ups. Seabond has a special adhesive which comes from the sea plant kelp, plus another adhesive for all day security. Unlike adhesives which weaken in moisture, the adhesive power of Seabond is activated and strengthened by the natural fluids in the mouth. Seabond is suitable for plastic and porecelain dentures only.

How Do I Apply Sea-Bond?

  • Wash denture. Moisten Seabond Denture Fixative thoroughly by dipping once completely in warm water or holding under the tap.
  • Position wet Denture Fixative on denture. Smooth out any wrinkles with finger.
  • If seal is too large for denture, trim overlap with scissors. If upper seal bunches up in back, cut a V in the back like the V in the front. Once you know where to trim for your dentures, it may be more convenient to trim them when they are dry.
  • Press denture in to place and hold firmly for a few moments, until secure. (If seal does not hold, you may need to moisture it more).

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