Ricola Sugar Free Herb Drops

Ricola -Orginal Swiss Herb Drops Sugar Free with Sweetners - The secret of Ricola's unique taste is due to the famous mixture of thirteen herbs. Ricola's herbs are grown in the beautiful and tranquil mountain of switzerland. The herbs are all cultivated in carefully selected locations guarnteeing the best quality and the purity of all the herbs.

As per the saying that goes: "nature is the best remedy", plants have been used for centuries to treat illnesses and diseases. Although we have great respect for popular belief, we rely on scientific findings to select the herbs for Ricola products. Ricola is paying great attention to the selection of where and how the herbs for its products are to be grown. The company promotes natural cultivation in Swiss mountain areas, in good distance from major roads and agglomerations.

Ricola's herb speciality range is made from the finest natural ingredients and is well known for its soothing, refreshing and good tasting properties. Ricola has developed its own gentle processes for extracting the essence from the herbs. These preserve the active ingredients and are used to produce a variety of different flavours.

Nature at its best. And for nearly 70 years, Ricola's Original Herb Candies have remained unchanged, as good as they always were: hard and slightly rough on the outside, wonderfully mild and delicious inside. Since time immemorial, Ricola has been blending 13 precious medicinal herbs from Switzerland with the same delicious recipe. The mix is particularly effective for colds, coughs and hoarseness, always refreshing and has that fabulous, unique flavour.

Ricola's classic line with its distinctive cube form comes in bags or drums. The sugar-free version with the original Ricola herb mix retails in bags or the convenient box pack.

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