Pantene Hair Treatment

Pantene has lasting power with hair, giving a beautiful, healthy look after each use.

Pantene is known the world over for its prestigious hair care products of superior quality and premium effects. Hair care doesn’t get any better than Pantene care, and if that wasn’t good enough, Pantene has developed new and improved formulations over most product lines in order to give you the absolute best in hair care at a higher level of performance than before.

Why Pantene?
  • Shampoos - Pantene has improved the formulations in most of their shampoo ranges so that they now help to give your hair extra protection whilst wet.
  • Conditioners – Across most of the ranges, Pantene conditioners have higher conditioning formulations with targeted conditioning agents that are attracted to the most damaged parts of your hair.
  • Intensive conditioners - Pantene Intensive conditioners also have a new higher conditioning formula to help provide extra care and nourishment for your hair.
  • Hairsprays - Pantene have introduced a new micro-fine spray system on their hairsprays that sprays smaller particles onto your hair. This will help you to achieve a more flexible styling effect whilst maintaining a strong hold. In addition, you should be able to style your hair more quickly as the smaller particles of hair spray result in quicker drying times.

Browse through our Pantene Products range of Pantene 2in1, Pantene Conditioner, Pantene Shampoo, and Pantene Styling. Try each product in turn to find the best one for you.

Pantene’s signature formulas always leave hair full-bodied, clean and radiant with sheen.

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