Panadol General Pain Relief


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When we experience pain such as a headache, period pain or even toothache we want pain relief ‘fast’ because living with it is not an option if we want to get on with our day productively. This is why Panadol is the first choice for many.

What is Panadol?

Panadol is a paracetamol based analgesic and provides fast, effective temporary relief of pain and discomfort associated with: headache, tension headache, period pain, cold and flu symptoms, migraine headache, muscular aches, arthritis/osteoarthritis, backache, and toothache. Panadol also helps to reduce fever. Panadol tablets are a good choice of pain reliever for people with sensitive stomachs, stomach ulcers and other stomach disorders. Panadol can also be used by breast feeding women.

  • Panadol Ultra Tablets & Panadol ActiFast tablets are used for fast pain relief of headaches, toothache, backache, rheumatic and muscle pains and period pain. It also relieves sore throat pain and the feverishness, aches and pains of colds and flu.
  • Panadol Advance is a paracetamol formulation that contains Optizorb technology. Panadol Advance with Optizorb disperses (breaks up in the stomach) up to five times faster than standard paracetamol tablets.
  • Panadol Extra Advance is a formulation of paracetamol and caffeine that contains Optizorb technology™, which starts to be absorbed in as little as 10 minutes. Panadol Extra Advance provides stronger pain relief than ordinary paracetamol tablets, relieves pain fast and is gentle on the stomach.
  • Panadol Night tablets provide effective relief from night time pain, for example rheumatic and muscle pain, backache, neuralgia, toothache, migraine, headache and period pain which is causing difficulty in getting to sleep.
Panadol are sure to have the pain relief you need.

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