Otex Ear Drops

Otex Ear Drops are specially formulated to help remove built-up earwax and relieve blocked up ears. It helps by softening the wax, encouraging it to leave the ear on its own and naturally. 

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Otex Ear Drops are the UK's best-selling treatment for ear wax.

Having uncomfortable blocked ears, difficulty hearing or earache due to excessive ear wax can be easy to treat at home, without having to visit the doctor.

There are three Otex products to choose from, all featuring the tried and tested dual-action Otex formulation:

Otex Ear Drops in an easy-squeeze bottle contain urea hydrogen peroxide and glycerol to break hardened ear wax into pieces and soften it, so the wax can fall more easily from the ear.

Otex Express Ear Drops are just as effective as Otex Ear Drops and contain a special dual action formulation that is clinically proven to reduce the need for syringing.

Otex Express Combi Pack is the first combined ear drops and syringe ear wax removal kit, from the UK's No.1 selling ear wax treatment. Otex Express clinically proven ear drops help to quickly disperse ear wax. Then the easy-to-use syringe gently cleanses your ear. It's all you need to be Clear to Hear!

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