Orajel Dental Care

Orajel is the trade name for a family of products manufactured by Church & Dwight Co., Inc. Orajel products are created for children and adults to help relieve oral pain. According to Orajel.com, the chemicals contained in Orajel products are flavoured and safe if they happen to be swallowed.


Orajel is the brand name for the drug benzocaine topical, a pain reducer that has a numbing effect that works on contact. Benzocaine topical is a local anaesthetic that inhibits nerve pain.


Oral Pain

Orajel is commonly used to relieve teething pain in infants and young children. Teeth that erupt during teething often cause the gums of a child to become sore and inflamed. Orajel applied to the gums can dull the nerve pain that is causing the discomfort. Orajel also has a product line exclusively for adult, oral use and should not be used on children due to higher amounts of benzocaine topical. The adult Orajel products are recommended to be used for gum pain, tooth pain, and painful ulcerations on the skin of the mouth.


Other Uses

Orajel does have other uses that are not associated with oral pain. Orajel products are also used in the medical field to help relieve the pain that may be associated with certain medical procedures.


Sore Throat

The Orajel family of products also includes a product that is specially designed to numb the pain associated with sore throat. The product is administered through a dissolvable strip that contains pectin, which is considered safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The pectin in Orajel sore throat products coats the throat and relieves pain and irritation.

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