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Niquitin Minis Lozenges


Stop Smoking with Niquitin available from Chemist Direct

The NiQuitin range offers therapeutic Nicotine in a variety of formats to help you on your journey to a smoke-free future. Therapeutic nicotine calms down the receptors in your brain. This gives you the power to wean yourself off cigarettes. They can double the chances of successfully quitting against willpower alone, and, don't worry if you 'slip up' during your journey to stopping smoking. It's really about finding the right method for you – you can do it!

What does the range include?

Niquitin Lozenges like Niquitin Minis offer powerful relief and allow you to quickly tackle your toughest cravings, as and when they happen. They let you control when you get your nicotine. They’re easy to keep handy, discreet to use, and come in two flavours, original and mint.

Whether you’re a heavy or light smoker, Niquitin Patches can help you quit for good. They use unique SmartControl Technology to deliver a controlled and continuous stream of therapeutic nicotine throughout the day. This helps protect you from the cravings whenever they strike.

For on-the-spot help to manage cravings that pop up unexpectedly, choose NiQuitin Mint Gum. Chewing will help you keep your mind off smoking, and the gum is easy to carry wherever you go. If you’re not ready to give up smoking straightaway you can also take NiQuitin Gum to help you cut down before stopping completely.

Smoking cessation has never been easier than with Niquitin

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