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Nicotinell – Stop Smoking Tips


Five-step plan to successfully stop smoking

The following are the five most common traits that have helped people successfully quit smoking, as set out by Nicotinell®. If you’re on the path to stop smoking, take a look at the steps and see just how easy they are to incorporate into your own life:

1. Give yourself rewards

It’s vital that you regularly take a pause and look after yourself while working towards your goal to stop smoking. This could be with a daily bout of meditation or participating in some exercise. Some enjoy giving back to the community by volunteering at an animal shelter or a local church. Others plan weekend getaways. No matter what you choose, be sure to mark each cigarette-free milestone by rewarding your hard work and achievement with something that you enjoy.

2. Don’t hang onto the past

To be successful, you should look towards the future instead of living in the past or dwelling too long about mistakes that you’ve made. Successful people learn from their errors and moving swiftly on. Get into the mindset by accepting that you’re only human if you have a slip up and have one smoke while trying to quit. Stay positive and get right back on your smoke-free path.

3. Inspire and motivate others who are trying to quit

Every time that you achieve a milestone on your journey to stop smoking, you open the door to an opportunity to inspire and motivate others to follow a similar path. Successful people realise that they have the power to encourage others to overcome challenges and fulfil dreams. You can also act as an inspiration by sharing your quit smoking success story as you work towards the end goal of stopping for good.

4. Have a list of things you’re grateful for

Arrogance is a trait that you want to leave at the door when aiming to stop smoking, as many successful people are grateful for the opportunities that have come their way. They realise how fortunate they are to be where they are in life. They take time to reflect on all the good things around them. When you’re on the path to quitting smoking, be sure to consider everything that you’re grateful for every time you hit a rough patch. A good way to do this is to make a list so you can review it once you feel you’re going to hit the wall. Before you know it, that craving will have passed.

5. Don’t stop at just quitting smoking when improving your lifestyle

Why settle for just stopping smoking when you want to improve your lifestyle? Whether it’s taking a class, reading a book on a new topic or challenging yourself to go beyond a personal record, there are many ways to better yourself. You’ll surprise yourself by just how much time you have on your hands once you quit smoking. Use this time for a personal upgrade. A few ideas include learning a new language, growing a garden or taking up a new sport.

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