Neocate Baby Milk Formula


Neocate Baby Formula now available at Chemist Direct

Being pregnant is an exciting time for any new mum. Its easy to imagine the perfect baby and how life will be once he/she arrives. But rarely does anyone ever imagine their baby may be different. When it comes to feeding, not every baby is the same and usually something happens to show you that regular infant formula does not agree with them. This can happen with acid reflux or milk allergies.

Help is at hand

Neocate Baby Formula provides a delicious solution for babies who have milk allergies. Each Neeocate product is specially created for the nutritional management of cows milk allergies and other indications where a different diet is required for your baby. However, Neocate Formula foods should only be used under the direction of a healthcare professional. Your baby should switch to a Neocate diet only under medical supervision after your doctor and you have considered all other feeding options, including breast milk.

Neocate Baby Formula is there when you need it.

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